A downloadable game for Windows

Mini(or rather micro)-game with all graphics drawn using traditional media.

Long story short - I've drawn it last winter when I was lying terribly ill and could not sit behind the drawing tablet so I had that wonderful(as I thought at that time) idea to draw game graphics on paper. But only now I managed to assemble it into a something resembling a game. Figures processing of the scanned traditional images is not so easy as one could imagine(now I understand the woes of developers of Aladdin for MegaDrive). 

The experiment was interesting but there is a whole new level of awareness of things you should and should not do in that method that I am not prepared for yet. So I am pretty sure this will remain the only experiment.

Please be aware that this game contains a little bit of nudity so you shouldn't play it unless of a proper age of maturity declared by your country.

(And sorry for a pretty random title of a game)

TagsErotic, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few seconds


UsaNeko.zip 29 MB


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Deleted 61 days ago

Thank you but processing of traditional media for using in a computer game is quite tedious and frustrating process so I don't think I want to do it again in near future.

Deleted 61 days ago

I do a lot of traditional illustrations already. Don't know if I'll ever do comics, it's not quite my format. As for animations, I simply don't have a place and tools for producing traditional animation.

Deleted 61 days ago

Why don't you look yourself?